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Welcome to the RALI Video Library, where you will find the most relevant must-watch video content pertaining to US-Russia relations and Russian-American dialogue. Enjoy!

The History

A timeline of the most significant moments in the history of U.S.-Russia relations, from 1780 to modern-day.

Unresolved Issues

An outline of unresolved issues that are continuing to create serious points of contention between Washington and Moscow.

America Firsthand Program

A program offering young Russians an opportunity to travel across major U.S. cities and connect with business leaders, politicians, journalists, student groups, and community leaders.

Existing Cooperation

A list of bilateral programs, networks, and projects in areas where U.S.-Russia cooperation is happening today.


An aggregate of published research and analytical opinion pieces on the current state of U.S.-Russia relations and foreign policy in general.

Honest Dialogue Series

A stimulating discussion platform where topics are examined through the lens of divergent U.S. and Russian perspectives with the aim of expanding the debate and converging positions.

Summer Internship Program

A program that helps match students and recent graduates with internship opportunities in both countries, while also assisting them with visas and accommodation.

Young Leaders Summit

An annual gathering of up-and-coming leaders from the United States and Russia dedicated to addressing challenges and generating ideas for solutions to unresolved bilateral issues.

Global Russia Program

An immersive exploration program that brings emerging leaders and rising professionals face-to-face with current and future business, political, and intellectual elites in Russia.

Russian Clubs Network

An informal association of Russian-speaking student organizations that celebrate the Russian culture, history, and tradition on university and college campuses in the U.S. and beyond.

Who Putin is not

Falsely demonizing Russia’s leader has made the new Cold War even more dangerous.