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On Sunday, May 6, we invite everyone to take part in Seattle’s largest annual tribute to World War II heroes by participating in the Immortal Regiment World War II Memorial Walk and the Russian-American Cultural Festival dedicated to American and Soviet World War II veterans.

The Immortal Regiment Memorial Walk is an international, family-friendly public march, held annually in major cities around the world to commemorate the veterans and celebrate Allied Victory in World War II. Participants of the walk carry portraits of World War II veterans (as displayed in the image above).

In Seattle, the World War II Memorial Walk stretches from Occidental Square to the Space Needle, with a brief carnation-laying ceremony at the Benaroya Hall World War II Veteran Memorial Wall. It’s important to note that the walk is sanctioned by the City of Seattle and accommodated by the Seattle Police, who produce the necessary street closures along the route of the annual march.

Upon arrival at the Space Needle participants are treated to a commemorative concert as part of the Russian-American Cultural Festival dedicated to the World War II veterans of both countries, who fought as allies in that fateful war. The Festival also features traditional foods from the republics of the former Soviet Union as well as cultural souvenirs and works of art.

See you on May 6! Have questions? Call (202) 630-5020

12:30 – Gathering at Occidental Park

12:50 – Opening ceremony

12:55 – Opening remarks and minute of silence 

13:10 – Brief instructions for the walk

13:15 – Formation

13:30 – Start of procession

14:00 – Laying of carnations at WWII memorial near Benaroya Hall

14:30 – Conclusion of the procession at Space Needle

15:00 – Start of the commemorative festival at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre

19:00 – End of commemorative festival 

Organizer: Russian-American Cooperation Initiative (RACI)

Organizing Committee members:

Igor Nozdrin | Committee Chair, on behalf of RACI
Sergey Gladysh | Committee Co-chair, on behalf of RACI
Alla Svystun | Работа с артистами
Valeria Koulikova | Press Secretary
Maxim Morozov | Social Media Marketing Director
Mikhail Savvateev | on behalf of Russian Club at UW
Elizabeth Kotar | on behalf of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Olga Zheleznova | on behalf of Association of Slavic Immigrants in USA
Yuriy Antonov | on behalf of Cossack National Union and RKKA Northwest
Natalie Vaulina | on behalf of Magistrate of International Russian American Heritage

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