Putin thanks Trump for sharing intelligence that prevented bombings in Russia

By | 2017-12-21T00:46:08+00:00 December 17th, 2017|

Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Donald Trump on Sunday, December 17, 2017, to thank his American counterpart for sharing CIA intelligence that helped derail a series of planned bombings in St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to the readout on the Kremlin website, Putin asked Trump “to convey his appreciation to the CIA director and the operatives of US intelligence services…The information received from the CIA was enough to locate and detain the criminals.”

Putin also pledged that Russia will do the same in a similar situation: “..in the event that Russian intelligence services receive information that concerns terrorist threats to the US and its citizens, they will promptly pass it on to their US colleagues…”

In its statement, the White House said “Trump appreciated the call and told President Putin that he and the entire United States intelligence community were pleased to have helped save so many lives.”

“President Trump stressed the importance of intelligence cooperation to defeat terrorists wherever they may be. Both leaders agreed that this serves as an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together,” the White House said.