Putin: powerful forces feeding lies to Americans, sabotaging US-Russia relations

By |2018-07-22T04:45:04+00:00July 22nd, 2018|

Addressing Russian diplomats in Moscow, Putin described his meeting with Trump in Helsinki as “successful,” but warned that relations between the two countries remain in “an extremely unsatisfactory state.”

“In many respects, [US-Russia relations] are even worse than during the Cold War,” said Putin.

“We see that there are forces in the United States that are willing to sacrifice US-Russia relations to promote their ambitions amid domestic political strife…”

‘They are powerful and strong people who can shove – excuse my expression – unbelievable and illogical stories in the face of millions of their citizens.”

According to Putin, these forces put “their narrow group and party interests before national ones,” and are even prepared to sacrifice America’s security.

Source: The Kremlin