Global Russia
An independent citizen diplomacy program for America's emerging leaders.
April 19 – 25
May 31 – June 6
August 30 – September 5
October 11 – 17
40 days prior to each trip, with early application highly encouraged
Moscow, with possible visits to other major Russian cities
Providing rising professionals with unparalleled insight into modern Russia
Founded in 2018, Global Russia is an independently funded citizen diplomacy program that connects outstanding American students and recent graduates interested in Russia with the country's established business, political, and intellectual elites, leading experts and young influencers.

Through a week-long immersive experience in Moscow and other major Russian cities, the program helps future decision makers gain a broad and nuanced understanding of today's Russia, including its culture, society, foreign policy, and the hot button issues that plague its relations with the United States.
Key facts
about the program
Nonpartisan and nonprofit
We don't take money from or affiliate with any government.
This program was created and is administered by a U.S.-based NGO, the Russian-American Cooperation Initiative.
Private and tailored
We select between five and fifteen qualified participants for each trip, focusing on individual interests and adjusting the program content based on each group's background.
Authentic and engaging
Participants take part in on- and off-the-record candid discussions with policy makers and opinion shapers on a wide range of issues and trends.
Informative meetings are coupled with cultural excursions and free time aside for exploring tourist attractions, regional arts, and the local nightlife scene.
Ryan Sung
Princeton University
The Global Russia program was an eye-opening experience like no other. The opportunities to meet high-level officials, experts in different fields, and experience Russian culture are unparalleled. I can say with confidence that the program prepares participants to engage in US-Russia dialogue on a scale that I would have not imagined possible. I feel very grateful to have had the chance to partake in this amazing opportunity, and encourage anyone with a deep-rooted or newfound curiosity in Russia or US-Russia relations to participate!
Luke Minton
Harvard University
Going to Russia with the Global Russia Program was a life-changing experience. Even though I had already studied some Russian in school, the opportunity to meet Russian and American leaders who work in the region brought Russian culture, politics, and economics to life far more than any classroom study ever could. An amazing program, whether you're an aspiring Russia expert or looking to develop a new interest.
Matthew Hatfield
Harvard University
I thoroughly enjoyed the Global Russia program as it allowed me to directly learn and understand key aspects of Russian business interests, politics, and social landscapes. The experience provided a rare opportunity to speak directly with those involved in shaping policy, and if given the opportunity, I would return without hesitation to another Global Russia event.
Dania Torres
Dartmouth University
Through Global Russia, I had the unique opportunity to engage with leaders in Russian businesses, politics, academia, science, and the arts. Never a dull moment, this experience has reinforced my faith in citizen diplomacy.
To be considered for the program, please complete the online application form. Applications are accepted year-round.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must be citizens of the U.S. at the time of application.

Citizens under the age of 18 and older the age of 35 are not eligible.
Cost and Financial Aid
The program cost ranges between $2000 $3000 depending on the time of year and other factors. Financial aid may or may not be available through the RACI network, and applicants are strongly encouraged to consider university scholarships and other self-funding options.
Visas and Accommodation
Participants are provided with comprehensive visa support and a broad accommodation package that includes hotel stay, three meals per day, airport pick-up and drop-off, transfers to and from scheduled events, and cultural excursions.
Program Alumni
Past participants of the program include students and recent graduates of Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Tufts, Yale, Harvard, Duke, University of Washington, as well as interns and employees of major think tanks and Fortune 500 companies.

We are proud of the personal achievements of all our program alumni, keep in touch with them, and stand ready to assist them with any future Russia-focused inquiries or projects.