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Individuals, businesses, and other organizations that share the RACI mission and vision for long-term and far-reaching cooperation between the United States and Russia, are invited to affiliate with RACI as an advocate, a patron, or a corporate partner.

As an affiliate, you become a part of an exclusive network of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, including government, business, media, academia, and civil society.

Affiliates enjoy invitations to private events and closed-door meetings, including quarterly teleconferences with the RACI executive team. The affiliate network is also relied upon to fill leadership roles within the RACI Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

NOTE: Affiliate contributions are directed towards RACI events, programs, and administrative expenses at the discretion of the Board of Directors. As of now, RACI does not have any paid staff and no contribution money is used for paying salaries. If the decision to hire part or full-time employees is made at some point in the future, all RACI affiliates will be notified of the details while patrons and partners will be given the option to authorize or decline the use of their funds for such purposes.